Resulting from a 2-year research, the Maponos Orchestra is a virtual ensemble. We focused on the elements that have always been considered as essential when practicing orchestral excerpts.

We put sound perception first – from correct reverberation to spacial perspective. The Maponos Orchestra recreates the feeling of seating on stage, in the exact seat where you and your instrument would be, surrounded by the rest of the orchestra. This enhanced sound context will boost your awareness when you practice orchestral excerpts. 

When used with your open back headphones, the binaural immersive sound provides a unique practicing experience – you will listen to your instrument while playing, with the entire Maponos Orchestra around you.


You can control the Maponos Orchestra using our Advanced Player.

You will be able to customize your practicing experience to fit your needs.

The Maponos player allows you to:

  • 1
    Set the volume for each orchestra section
  • 2

    Decide what sections you want to hear when practicing

  • 3
    See the track progress in bars, not seconds
  • 4
    1. -Turn the metronome click on and off
    2. -Add the metronome count off, and select the number of bars the player will count off
    3. -Customize the BPM speed
  • 5

    Resume practicing from any bar, count off included

  • 6

    Adapt the orchestra pitch, ranging from A439 Hz to A444 Hz

  • 7

    View your instrument part, including when practicing