Welcome to the Beta Test guide

Get started

  • 1
    From the Beta Test/Orchestral Excerpts menu, log in the Orchestral Excerpts page
  • 2
    Click on one of the sections (Strings, Winds, Brasss, Percussions or Harps)
  • 3
    Select your instrument – This will take you to the page that lists the orchestral excerpts currently available for your instrument

How to select your orchestral excerpt

In the page that lists the orchestral excerpts available for your instrument (e.g.: Violins I – All Orchestral Excerpts), you’ll see:

  • 1
    Orchestral Excerpt Stereo Preview (Non binaural)
  • 2
    Orchestral Score (View/Print)

Click on “Select” to see the page related to the orchestral excerpt you want to see.

Orchestral Excerpt Page

Here are some of the options you have in the Orchestral Excerpt Page:

  • 1
    Orchestral Excerpt Stereo Preview (Non binaural)
  • 2
    Orchestral Score (View/Print)
  • 3
    Instrument Part (View/Print)
  • 4

    Maponos Orchestra Access – Customize your practice!

How to View or Print a Score

The upper bar of the PDF viewer shows several options:

  • 1

    Click on button 1 (see image below) to zoom in or view it full screen. To exit, just press “Esc” on your keyboard

  • 2

    2. Click on button 2 (see image below) to save the PDF on your computer.

La Maponos Orchestra

Click on the bottom-right button “Start practicing with the Maponos Orchestra” to open the Player page and customize your experience.

See note 1 at the bottom of the page for technical requirements.

The image below shows some of the features:

    You will notice two volume buttons:
  • * Master Volume (marked with 1 in the image above): move it to set the general volume
  • * Section Volume (marked with 3 in the image above): move it to set the volume of a specific orchestra section

Sections to Practice With

There are two buttons on each orchestra section: Solo and Mute (marked with 2 on the image above).

As shown in the image, if you press “Solo”, all other sections will automatically turn to “Mute”, and you will only hear that specific section. If you press Mute on a section, that section will be excluded.

If you want to practice with one orchestra section only, click Solo on that section. This will automatically mute all other sections. Now, if you want to add one or more sections to the ones that will be playing, just deactivate “Mute” on those you want to practice with. To listen to the entire orchestra, click “Solo” on any section, and then click again to deactivate it. These will bring you back to the default setting.


On the right side of the player, besides Play/Stop (marked with 4 on the image above), there is the Metronome icon (marked with 5). Click to access the Metronome menu and all its features:

  • Count OFF (marked with 5A on the image): shows the number of bars the metronome will count before playing. By default, we have two bars. Click on the + and – buttons to change that.* Tempo (marked with 5C on the image): the pointer shows the speed as a percentage – compared to the initial tempo (0%). When moving the pointer right or left to increase or decrease tempo, the percentage will always be shown on the pointer, while below the metronome icon the tempo is shows as BPM.
  • Metronome ON/OFF (marked with 5B on the image): click to turn the metronome on or off. By default, it’s on.If you turn it off, the metronome track on the left side of the Player will be hidden. Turning the metronome off does not affect the count off, which will be active anyway.


Bars is the third icon on the right side of the player (marked with 6 on the image). Below it, the current bar number is shown. Click to open the Bars menu

  • Playing Progress (marked with 6A on the image): shows the track progress in bars (and not in seconds)
  • Pointer (marked with 6B on the image): once you decide what bar you want to start from, the playing will always start from there. To change the starting bar, just move the pointer.

Orchestral Pitch

The Orchestral Pitch is the fourth icon on the right side of the player (marked with 7 on the image above). Below it, the current A pitch is shown. Click to open the Pitch menu, which includes the pointer to change the orchestral pitch (marked with 7A on the image). By default, the Maponos Orchestra is tuned to 440Hz, but you can adjust pitch (ranging from A=339 Hz to A=444 Hz).

1: In the Beta Test phase, we are focusing on a basic system that works on our Web App. Unfortunately, web browser Safari and all mobile browsers lack the necessary technology that allows the Maponos Orchestra to work. Our website can be currently viewed on all browsers. However, to experience the rich features of the Maponos Orchestra, a desktop browser is needed (except Safari).